Which Grain for What Beer?

While Family Barn is a pretty self explanatory game, the thing that always sends me in slight panic mode are the beer quests. Maybe it’s because I don’t drink beer. but when the game tells me to make 70 Munich Beer for a theme party, I’m like “Huh?!” The beer machine takes wheat, barley and rye, so it’s gotta be one of them, but who wants to wait 12 hours to find out that you’ve made 70 of the wrong crops for nothing! In my desperation, I googled “Munich Beer”. It took me to several websites with photos of jolly men and women raising their beer mugs excitedly, but didn’t really offer any clues to which grain to use.

But this is where having higher level neighbors come in handy. I typed in the comment section of girlsgogames: “Which grain for Munich Beer?”  Even though I wasn’t expecting an immediate answer, five minutes later, a kind, higher level neighbor was nice enough to offer guidance. I don’t know, maybe she’s a big beer drinker. I was thinking I might have to use my fertilizer to test out which grain produces what beer but was very happy I didn’t have to resort to that!

So just for the sake of anyone who is as clueless as I am, Wheat makes Munich Beer, Barley makes Berliner Weissbeer, and Rye makes Stout.

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