Neighbor Gifts

Gifts from your lovely neighbors are a crucial element to your success in Famly Barn. It ranges from produce, trees, gear parts, quest items, pet food and materials. I would even go far as to say that neighbor gifts are the second most important resource after RC.  But because we think of them as “free gifts” we tend to squander it. Don’t. Neighbor gifts, when used wisely, could really contribute in the overall productivity of your farm.

I see a lot of people asking their neighbors for simple produce, like milk or cheese or honey. But why do that when these are things you can easily produce yourself! My advice is instead to get items you can only get from neighbor gifts each time and keep investing in your farm’s buildings. For example, do you have a greenhouse? No? Start building one! Apply your neighbor’s gifts to the materials required to build the greenhouse. If you already have enough greenhouses, move on to the water well.  Both the green house and the water well can increase your farm’s productivity immensely and you will reap the benefits in the long run. Don’t forget the warehouse! While the warehouse doesn’t directly increase productivety, it contributes by conserving space. Both the water wall and the warehouse can be upgraded repeatedly so keep doing that to meet your farm’s growing needs!

Most of the gear or machinary requires parts that can only be acquired through neighbor gifts or RC. And without gear, you can’t produce those cute little cakes and teddy bears. So keep thinking about what new gear you can get with the help of your neighbors and use those gifts wisely!

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